CHUWI UBook Pro supports 4096 pressure-level stylus

UBook Pro

In the current tablet market,users grow high demands for stylus. The stylus is also a great tool to designers, office workers and students in daily life, which can lead to more efficient productivity. At present, the industry’s leading manufacturers Apple and Microsoft both equip stylus for many models. The trend will expand in the future, like with the new CHUWI UBook Pro.

UBook Pro is the 2-in-1 tablet being launched on Indiegogo. It is the popular model in the latest market. UBook Pro comes with a new generation of stylus HiPen H5, which is upgraded from the original 2048 pressure levels to the incredible 4096 levels. Let’s take a close look at the actual experience.

Functional performance

According to the exposed information, UBook Pro is equipped with an active stylus with up to 4096 pressure levels. With a 2mm pencil tip, the writing experience is very delicate. It can recognize every pixel with high precision. 4096 levels of stylus sensitivity is a significant improvement in the ability to vary the size of strokes with pressure.It accurately identifies pressure levels which makes it feel like a real pencil in daily use.

Besides, the stylus also reaches a very high level of battery endurance endurance. It comes with a lithium battery that can last three months on a single charge and lasts up to five months on standby. This means that users no longer need to charge the stylus frequently, which improved the stylus experience in a big way!

UBook Pro

Usage scenario

  • creative expression

HiPen H5 combined with a 12.3-inch high-definition IPS screen is very efficient for painting and creation. Precise stylus input and low latency make it easy to finish a prototype design or a creative painting. Level 4096 pressure sense can be more delicate and accurate to restore the original idea of the creator. HiPen H5 is definitely a boon for designers and content creators.

UBook Pro

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  • capturing inspiration anywhere

UBook Pro equipped with HiPen H5 supports a range of features, including drawing and taking notes. you can quickly sketch it out when you have a good idea. At the same time, the portability of UBook Pro can greatly improve the usefulness of the shorthand function. It can quickly record the fleeting inspiration when working outdoors or traveling.

  • efficient note

With lowest writing delay and subtle input recognition, the HiPen H5’s writing experience on UBook Pro is as natural as a traditional pen. it is very convenient for students and office workers to take notes and make notes on documents. It’s never been easier to annotate PDF slides, write down ideas while browsing documents and draw pictures on web pages or screenshots.


From the above detailed experience, the HiPen H5 stylus can bring more experience improvements to UBook Pro, greatly expand the usage scenarios, and make productivity creation more efficient. Besides, UBook Pro has excellent hardware configuration in other aspects, such as 12.3-inch 3:2 high-definition screen, Intel m3 8100Y processor, 8GB+256GB storage combination, full-featured type-c interface and other features, all of which make UBook Pro the most versatile 2-in-1 tablet computer.

UBook Pro is currently in the process of crowdfunding on indiegogo. Purchasing stylus and keyboard package have more discounts too. For more information you can refer to the official product website.

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