Huawei will continue to use ARM-based chips since they’re of UK-origin


Huawei’s problems started after the US government imposed a ban on the company back in May this year. The ban prohibits companies with US technology to supply hardware or software to the Chinese giant. The company that was on the verge to become the world leader in the 5G race and was dreaming with the 1st position in the smartphone market had to rethink its strategies. Thankfully, seems that one more piece inside Huawei smartphones is granted for the coming years. We are talking about the ARM-based chipsets.

The Chip designer ARM will continue to supply Huawei Technologies after the British company’s legal team that its chips are of UK-0rigin. For that reason, they can deal with the Chinese firm without breaking U.S sanctions. Huawei’s subsidiary, HiSilicon can continue the development of Kirin chipsets that are based on ARM v8-a and V9 technology.

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Although ARM is a British company, the company declared that some of its technologies were of “US-origin”. You probably remember how this came as a blow to Huawei business. Since the company relies on ARM technologies for both CPU and GPU designs. It’s not only Huawei, but most companies in the smartphone segment would also be in a terrible situation if they can deal with ARM.

For now, Huawei can keep its long walk to reduce its dependency on US technology. The new deal will ensure that all the work made in Kirin chipsets won’t be lost. Worth noting, that despite all the problems, Huawei is doing well in the market. The company grew 27% during Q3 and managed to sell more than 200 million smartphones during this year.


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