70% Of Huawei Smartphones Sport HiSilicone Kirin SoCs

Kirin 990

The analysts think that Huawei’s chip manufacturing subsidiary HiSilicon will increase its processor shipments this year. As a result, more than 70% of all Huawei smartphones will be packed with a Kirin SoC.

‘HiSilicon is able to ramp up its AP shipments as Huawei has been using more of its chips to power its high-end smartphones, while also raising the ratio of chips from HiSilicon for its entry-level to mid-range models – a segment where Huawei is expected to see its shipments decrease 5% on year in the second half of 2019’, Digitimes Research estimates.

Kirin 1000 Huawei Mate 40

According to this report, HiSilicon’s AP chip shipments will account for 20% of China’s total smartphone AP chip demand in 2019.

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As early as June of this year, Huawei released the second 7nm mobile processor. The Kirin 810 for mid- to high-end smartphones. The processor is using Huawei’s self-developed DaVinci Neuro-processing Unit (NPU) architecture. It significantly improves the ability of tasks implemented with the help of artificial intelligence.

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In September this year, Huawei introduced the first system-on-a-chip solution that integrates a 5G modem, the Kirin 990 5G. But there has been its 4G variant as well. The first handsets powered by this new chip are already out.

Kirin 990 Features

‘HiSilicon launched Kirin 990 5G, its first 5G SoC, in September featuring a neural-network processing unit (NPU), and it is expected to continue releasing NPU-focused 5G SoCs as a means to significantly ramp up its AP shipments in the first half of 2020.’

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A recent report says that British chip design manufacturer ARM will resume supply to Huawei after the US government trade ban was stopped. The recovery of supply will help Huawei continue to produce new chips in the future.

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