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handy accessories

The Ebay portal is usually not the place you are using when looking for some shiny new cheap Chinese gadgets, but maybe you should give it a try, because lately there are quite some good Chinese products listed. Today we will take a look at pair of products fitting the handy accessories category with the Huawei WS331s Pro Wi-Fi repeater and Xiaomi 4 ports USB 3.0 multi hub. Both of course available for a pretty solid price so definitely worth your attention.

Let’s start with the Huawei WS331s Pro Wi-Fi Extender, which is the right tool to solve your problems with inadequate Wi-Fi signal in your house of an apartment. Simply plug it in the electrical socket and with easy setup (one-click setup even if you also own Huawei router) it’s mere minutes before you can extend your Wi-Fi network to the previously “dead” areas. The extender supports Wi-Fi 802.11n with 300Mbps speed and thanks to the 2*2 MIMO antennas the coverage will be rock solid. You can get it now with the EU socket adapter just for 15.46 € from Ebay.

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Second piece from today’s handy accessories is the Xiaomi 4 port USB 3.0 hub, because there is no such thing as too many USB ports available. Coming with compact dimensions, white color and most importantly four high speed USB 3.0 ports ready for your gadgets. The hub has also one extra neat trick up its sleeve, because it has a backup power supply option  with USB Type-C port so even with some laptops or tablets you will be good to go connecting bigger USB drives. The hub is fully compatible with Windows, macOS and Android so no need to install any drivers whatsoever. Up for grabs from Ebay for just 8.99€.

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