Facebook has used the personal data of its users to fight its competitors

Facebook is again in the spotlight for a case related to the use of personal data. Recent revelations have accused the social media giant of having exploited the information of its users to put pressure on its competitors.

Confidential documents reveal that the social network used the personal data of the members of the platform. To harm its competitors and privilege its partners.

The US media NBC News has in its possession 7000 pages of internal documents. That reveal how Facebook has used the data of its users as a means of reward for its partners. In some cases, Facebook would reward its partners by giving them preferential access to certain types of user data while denying the same access to rival companies.

What does Facebook do with my personal data?


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For example, NBC News reports that the giant Amazon has received privileged access to this data, including information about friends, relationships and photos thanks to the large amount of advertising that it broadcast on the platform.

In another case the messaging app MessageMe was cut off from access to data. Because it had grown too popular and could compete with Facebook.

Facebook has not yet made an official comment about the case. A representative of the group, however, told Reuters that these “old documents were taken out of context. By someone who has ulterior motives against Facebook». This new scandal could be costly for the company. Which has already been fined this year to pay a record $5 billion fine in the Cambridge Analytica case.

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