Samsung wants to sell more foldable phones in 2020

Galaxy Fold

This year, it can be said that foldable phones have been a failure. The two most important companies that intended to launch one have been involved in troubles, production problems and very large delays.

The best example is the Galaxy Fold, a device that should have been marketed on April 26. Finally, it went on sale on October 18. Today we have news related to this Samsung Galaxy Fold and the next generation of Samsung foldable devices. There are many rumors in this regard, but today we will not talk about a specific device, but about Samsung‘s strategy with this type of smartphone.

The company aimed to sell a million units of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. A few days ago the figure that was published was half, about 500,000 foldable worldwide. It is a large number because we are facing a mobile of more than $2,000 with fairly improved resistance and a format that is not ideal for all users.

Samsung wants to bet on the foldable phones and will do so in 2020

Galaxy Fold

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It has been the CEO of Samsung, DJ Koh, in charge of leaving us with some very interesting statements. He said at a conference that in 2020, users would see a lot of foldable devices. This leaves us with clues about the possible production of Samsung for the Fold and the rest of the devices that it launches with foldable screens.

The Korean company could bet strongly on this type of device, rethink what users need and be one of the first companies to invest a part of its catalog to the foldable phones. At the moment it is an assumption, but that the CEO of a company like Samsung says that 2020 will be filled with folding phones is something we like and a lot.

It is a new technology that surprises in each new release. The last device is the Motorola foldable phone which features a completely different design. Different than that of the Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X. Motorola is committed to a foldable mobile and not a tablet that can be deployed. Most likely, the next releases of companies like Samsung or Huawei also follow this strategy.

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