6G bandwidth will reach Tb/s broadband level

6G technology

The development of 5G is advancing and it appears that the industry is now thinking of something more. Looking at the succession between 2G, 3G, and 4G, it takes about 10 years to fully develop a new network. The 5G network just started this year thus, researchers are already onto 6G. At the “World Conference on Information and Communication Technology in the Future”, Yu Shaohua, of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivered a speech entitled “The iconic applications and equipment are the key to the success of 5G.”


Yu Shaohua said the future 6G network will introduce the experience of network performance TRUST. The word “TRUST” stands for

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  • T is Tb / s broadband
  • R is ultra-high reliability
  • U is the overload connection
  • S is the sub-millisecond delay
  • T is the large Hertz spectrum.

Yu Shaohua also said that each generation of mobile communications has iconic applications and equipment. 2G is voice and SMS, while its big brother, 3G, ushered in smartphone applications including CRBT, MMS, videophone data service, etc. Furthermore, 4G made the 3G applications much better and added location service. It is most likely that 5G investment will be larger than 4G. However, operators still have to deal with the exact 5G iconic application and new equipment.

He summarized the 5G iconic new applications and new equipment into three dimensions: human, network, and material: human interconnection, character interconnection, and object interconnection. There are five major industry categories: ultra-wideband personal consumption, car networking, remote control, industrial internet, and urban application.


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  1. Vicki Smith
    November 21, 2019

    Errr, I thought acronyms were supposed to be the first letter of the words represented. The fact that is overlooked, doesn’t build “T. R. U. S. T”