Asus ROG Phone II DxOMark Audio Review Released

Asus ROG Phone II DxOMark Audio Review Released

DxOMark – renown website for its camera ratings and headquartered in Paris – just released a new audio review for the Asus ROG Phone II. This is the first review for the device on the website as its camera department hasn’t been – and probably won’t be – reviewed yet.

Asus ROG Phone II DxOMark Audio Review Released
Courtesy of DxOMark

For those who aren’t aware, “DxOMark Audio tests” are the latest addition to the portfolio of hardware tested by the DxOMark team. The review procedure consists in a variety of objective tests and more than 20 hours of perceptual evaluation under controlled lab conditions. This is all done using the device’s built-in hardware and default apps, both for playback and recording. So no additional hardware or software is present.

Asus ROG Phone II DxOMark Audio Review Released

So, after going through this rating procedure, the Asus ROG Phone II achieved a final score of 69. That’s slightly above average as most smartphones sit around the 65 points mark; such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ at 66 points, the Galaxy S10+ & OnePlus 7 Pro at 65. Nevertheless, Apple still leads the rankings with a score of 74 for the Iphone XS Max.

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Asus ROG Phone 2
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Either way, going back to the ROG Phone II. The smartphone fared well in its overall playback performance. More specifically, the smartphone showed an impressive maximum volume, excellent sound stage reproduction and great performance in gaming audio scenarios.

Staying in the playback portion of the review, but on the cons side. The ROG Phone II had problems at high volume with frequency artifacts that were disturbing. The device also lacked some bass compared to the best phones and its minimum volume was too low.

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Asus ROG Phone 2

Now, as far as recording is concerned. Asus’ latest gaming phone recorded very few artifacts, even at high volumes. It had decent tone reproduction and a good maximum recording level.

Meanwhile on the negatives, it had a too low recording volume, audio lacked some bass and its overall sound envelope was too compressed at high volume. Finally, meeting and memo recordings also sounded artificial, with too much background noise.

In conclusion, the Asus ROG Phone II received an overall positive feedback. Which is probably more important than ever on a device dedicated to gaming.


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