This is how Xiaomi plans to hide the Mi Mix 4 camera under the screen

Trends change over time and the smartphone sector is one of the most innovative today. The sliding mechanisms, the notch, the pop-up camera … Many are the novelties that have reached the market over the years and all of them have the same purpose which is making the most of the device screen without losing photographic quality. Well, Xiaomi is already preparing a new system that can revolutionize everything with the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.

We have already been able to see this design in some Oppo, LG or Samsung device, all of them are prototypes in which the camera would be hidden under the screen so as not to have to depend on another system to include the sensor. Xiaomi was one of the first brands that joined this trend , and the Chinese company continues to show interest in a mechanism that can become the trend of the future.

Xiaomi and its commitment to the new front cameras

The Asian giant remains one of the manufacturers that include more innovation in its devices. The 108-megapixel camera of the Mi Note 10 has been one of Xiaomi’s latest surprises, and everything seems to indicate that the photographic system will continue to be one of the highlights of the Chinese company in the future. On this occasion, we talked about a new mechanism that includes as a base the inclusion of the front camera under the screen.

Gizchina News of the week

ITHome has been the medium that has revealed the first details of a patent in which a mechanism that can give a new air to the design appears. The new mechanism is based on the transmission of light caused by pixels that can be controlled at will. That is, the light can pass through the screen to the sensor to take the picture. Without having to resort to another type of mechanism. That is why the panel would display the images as usual and would change when using the front camera. From that moment, the selected pixels will begin to act so that the sensor can capture the light. And capture the photograph.

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The possible Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

Since the opening of the new section dedicated to photography, Xiaomi has greatly improved its cameras. Without a doubt, one of the weak points of the brand since its inception. Now, the Chinese company is able to release top photographic systems such as the Mi Note 10. And some innovations as outstanding as the camera under the screen. We will see how this issue evolves and when the first mobile of this type comes to market (expected to be the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4).

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  1. wodanesp mondial
    December 10, 2019

    Way to go Xiaomi! INNOVATION IS WHAT WE NEED! Not copying….. That’s where we have iPhone for…. Try and beat Huawei…. you’re well on your way and soon you’ll be right on TOP!!!

  2. Martin Horák
    December 10, 2019


    That….this is fake

  3. Kim Eojin
    December 11, 2019

    This has already been DEBUNKED on slashleaks. I can’t believe it. What a joke!