ZTE Betting Heavily on 5G to Come Back to Former Glory

ZTE 5G phones

ZTE was once part of the “China Cool Federation” – basically one of the Chinese favorites – and ranked very high among top phone makers in the Asian country. In recent years though, the company lost its appeal to the masses and hasn’t been able to come back to its former glory.

ZTE Betting Heavily on 5G to Come Back to Former Glory

zte axon 10 pro
ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G

Well, apparently that’s expected to change in 2020 as ZTE will invest very heavily in 5G technology. Going as far as releasing at least 10 5G phones throughout next year.

Xu Feng, senior vice president of ZTE and president of ZTE’s smartphone business unit, was interviewed today in Shanghai and he talked about ZTE’s future in the upcoming 5G market. He said “ZTE’s goal is clear. It is to become a 5G pioneer and lead innovation. Back to the mainstream of the market”.

ZTE AXON 10 Pro hands-on
ZTE Axon 10 Pro

Xu Feng also mentioned the advantages of ZTE in 5G: “We were the first to launch a 5G mobile phone, which means we have the know-how”.

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ZTE Corporation did indeed announce their 5G mobile phone – the Axon 10 Pro 5G – at the MWC exhibition in February this year. The smartphone equipped a Snapdragon 855 processor along with a X50 modem. Making it the first 5G mobile phone to hit the market with a price of 4999 yuan; around $710 at the current exchange rates.

ZTE AXON 10 Pro hands-on
ZTE Axon 10 Pro

Going back to today. The phone maker now plans to release over 10 5G devices in 2020. These will have a starting price of 3000 Yuan, about $430, for high-end flagships. Meanwhile low to mid-range phones will go for 2000 Yuan ($280) or less.  There are still no info on any of the specs and release times though.

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Finally, always according to Xu Feng, ZTE predicts that there will be 160 million 5G smartphones sold worldwide in 2020; with China taking at least half of the market. So in China alone there’ll be over 80 million 5G phones, increasing the overall 5G adoption rate of about 20%. Whether ZTE will take a small or big portion of that number we’re yet to see.


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