Stadia: Game streaming can now be used on all Chromecast Ultra

Google provides a small but very enjoyable update for the Chromecast Ultra. This will ensure that existing devices can also be used for Stadia. Google recently announced a small update for Chromecast Ultra. The streaming service for games from the cloud can be instantly used with any Chromecast Ultra. Previously, only devices that Stadia users had bought with the Founders Edition were compatible. Now the necessary system update is now available so that users can also play with existing devices. However, there are no other technical differences in this update. A Chromecast Ultra is a Chromecast Ultra, no matter whether Founders Edition or previously bought individually.

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Stadia Controller remains a requirement

Nevertheless, the Stadia controller remains a requirement. If you don’t have one on hand, you can’t gamble on the Chromecast Ultra. The official Stadia Twitter handle has this to say

If you have access to Stadia already, we have some good news to share. We have rolled out an update to existing Chromecast Ultras that allow them to work with Stadia. Grab your Stadia Controller, sync it to any Chromecast Ultra & start playing on an additional TV in your house.

There was so much anticipation to the arrival of Google’s cloud gaming service. However, when it finally officially announced the starting lineup, there were only 12 games much to the disappointment of fans. Google promised that more games will be available before the end of the year. After the release of the cloud game platform, Stadia’s starting lineup has been ruthlessly ridiculed, and now Google announced that it will increase the number of starting games. Google then decided to change its plan and increased the starting lineup from 12 to 22 games.

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