Meizu will launch about 4 5G flagship phones next year

Huawei now owns Meizu largest store

Earlier this month, Meizu Technology stated that the Meizu 17 will be the first smartphone to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC. This smartphone will arrive in spring 2020 and it will support the 5G network. However, in a recent interview with Meizu’s CTO, Liang Dongming, the company will release about four high-end 5G mobile phones next year. Obviously, the Meizu 17 will be the first of these devices. He said

“…In 2020, I hope to focus on 5G mobile phone “fine products” and have a new grasp on the market”.


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According to Liang Dongming, the company will fully invest in 5G by 2020. In addition, its 5G program will not prioritize any region.

Earlier today, Hua Hailiang, vice president of Meizu Technology, exposed the 5G speed measurement screenshots of “a certain mobile phone”. This phone should be the Meizu 17 that will launch in spring 2020. The screenshot shows that Meizu 17 has a maximum download speed of 556 Mbps. In addition, it has a maximum upload speed of 75.1 Mbps, a delay of 20ms, and a jitter of 4ms.

Last week, Hua Hailiang revealed its 5G debugging equipment cost millions of yuan. He also added that the company is currently one of few mobile phone manufacturers with its own research laboratory. The total investment in its lab is over 100 million yuan ($14.3 million)

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