Apple iPad Pro 5G will use millimeter wave technology

iPad 10.2-inch

According to recent reports, Apple is developing an iPad that supports 5G millimeter wave technology. From the 3GPP agreement, 5G networks mainly use two frequency bands: the FR1 frequency band and the FR2 frequency band. The frequency range of the FR1 frequency band is 450MHz-6GHz, also known as the sub 6GHz frequency band; the frequency range of the FR2 frequency band is 24.25GHz-52.6GHz, which is often called millimeter wave (mmWave). The former signal travels farther and better serves suburban and rural areas but at a slower rate. However, the latter can bring large bandwidth and high speed. Now, there are reports that the Apple iPad Pro 5G will use millimeter wave technology.


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The report states that Taiwan’s advanced semiconductor industry will provide antenna packaging technology for 5G iPads, and 5G iPhones. Although there is no specific description, it is almost certain that given that 5G is still a high-end feature and the production cost is high. This iPad will belong to the iPad Pro series.

Many analysts believe that the first 5G iPhone will be released in the fall of 2020. However, there is no speculation on the release of the 5G iPad. According to Apple ’s previous update rules, new features are usually used for the iPhone before they appear on the iPad, so a more reliable guess is that it will release the Apple iPad Pro 5G in October. Previously, there have been rumors that the first-generation iPad Pro will also use a “Yuba” lens, but its main function is to build 3D images to better match the AR function. In addition, we can speculate that the new-generation iPad will have a better chip.

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