World’s safest snorkel mask with walkie talkie launches on Indiegogo for $70


ORSEN Airfresh Snorkel Mask is a CO2 safety standard snorkeling mask with an automatic breathing system, which allows people to breathe effortlessly during snorkeling. With our newly invented walkie-talkie, you can even be connected with another talkie to achieve real-time conversation with your partner. At the same time, we have also solved a series of problems that snorkelers suffer from , such as water leakage and fogging. Take our orsen airfresh snorkeling mask and start your safe snorkeling journey. And it just launched on Indiegogo right now for a very good price.

Our orsen snorkel mask with airfresh system can reduce the carbon dioxide concentration below 800ppm,which is a reliable indoor carbon dioxide content range, while other masks have a carbon dioxide concentration of more than 6000ppm, which poses a great threat to life.     When snorkeling, you can breathe the way you do naturally with both nose and mouth by using our Orsen Airfresh snorkel mask, featuringan innovative airflow exchange system. You don’t need to exhale and inhale very hard as our airflow exchange system will automatically let air circulate in and out. This creates an airflow with reduced resistance, allowing more fresh air to circulate through the mask and thus preventing CO2 buildup. No safety issue anymore! Our masks can even be used regularly without the Airfresh system.

According to the ergonomic design and data report, our Airfresh snorkel mask can perfectly fit everyone’s face shape, and there is no need to worry about water leakage anymore. We use surgical grade allergy-proof silicone certified by FDA to bring you unprecedented facial comfort!

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Impeccable attention to detail is put into every Orsen mask. Considering the buckles of most snorkel masks will become loose, our anti-loose buckles specially designed to snugly fit against the head’s natural curvature, maintaining great fit and unprecedented comfort.

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No more fogging. Our anti-fog mask utilizes the latest separation system on Inhale and Exhale. The exhaled air will be automatically discharged from the mask via air flow exchange system, while the fresh air will be continuously delivered to the breathing area so that the lens can be kept clear without fogging.

With a 180-degree lens, your viewing area is expanded by 30%, so you can take in everything below the surface and truly enjoy the mind-blowing marine life beneath with wider views.

Our patented snorkel tube can be easily folded for storage and safe transportation. No more worry about the missing tube and no efforts required to detach and attach the snorkel tube.

The ORSEN snorkeling mask offers an unparalleled design and improves the problems that appear on the market, greatly enhancing the snorkeling experience. At the same time, we have optimized the breathing structure and invented an automatic air circulation system so that you can breathe effortlessly and enjoy the snorkeling safely.

Under the operation of our airfresh system, we have eliminated CO2 buildup, and passes CE Certification For CO2 Build Up. In conjunction with our ultra-light air valve, we have minimized the air resistance. The low-resistance airflow allows fresh oxygen to enter the mask at a high rate and provides a comfortable breathing experience where people can breathe freely as if on land. You can find more information about the product and the campaign on the Indiegogo website or directly on Orsen official webpage.

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