Xbox Series X: New E19 Master SSD is 36 Times Faster Than Xbox One Hard Drives

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While Sony is working on its next-generation PlayStation 5, Microsoft is also getting its next console dubbed Xbox Series X ready. A couple of days ago, we saw the very first live images of the gaming console. Well, we now have a key piece of information on the upcoming Microsoft’s console. If the recent emerging report is to be believed, the Xbox Series X console will feature a PS5019-E19 Master SSD storage. The best thing about this all-new SSD is the fact that it is a DRAM-less PCIe 4.0 M.2 storage device.

Xbox Series X E19 Master SSD Maximum Speed

Xbox Series X SSD

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As per the report, the flash memory controller will support up to 2TB of storage capacity. This means that we will see Xbox Series X with up to 2TB of storage option. Theoretically, this storage can deliver up to 3.75GB/sec sequential speed and writes. It can also hit up to 440K IOPS read and 500K IOPS writes. Considering this speed, the new storage is 36 times faster than the Xbox One hard drivers that rotate at a speed of 5400 RPM. For those who’re unaware, the latter has average speed of 100MB/sec read & writes. The all-new E19 Master is able to hit these thresholds by using PCIe 4.0 across 4x lanes. It is a 28nm chip that comes with an ARM Cortex R5 CPU.

It is still quite early to comment on the actual speed of Xbox Series X gaming consoles. Just because the E19 Master is able to hit these speeds does not mean the Xbox X’s SSD actually will. With that said, an upgraded SSD will definitely result in improved performance and faster game loading time. Furthermore, Microsoft is also focussing on backward compatibility, support for optical drives, support for VR and handheld mode. We’re expecting more pieces of information to come forward in the coming days. It would be interesting to see how well the Microsoft’s offering performs when compared with Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 console.

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  1. Malak13
    January 25, 2020

    So their will be VR?? Of course! Looks like at over 12 t-flops of power 4k will be very smooth. Damn now let’s see real performance maxed out completely on the One X!

    • Anodyne
      January 26, 2020

      No, there will not be VR, not anytime soon anyway. Nobody from Xbox has said anything about supporting VR. Xbox head Phil Spencer has actually made firm comments against VR saying it’s not yet time for VR and there needs to be more advancements on the hardware and software side to pull it off the way we’d hope to have it.

    • Di Pf
      January 27, 2020

      Sadly. Get a computer and that changes. Cant blame ps or xbox for selling 3-year-old components and calling it cutting edge though. They gotta turn a profit.

  2. Justin Brown
    January 27, 2020

    VR will be ready when hardware can push 8k at least 60 fps even better 120 fps believe that fellas!!!

    • Di Pf
      January 27, 2020

      Try it before you knock it. Not on a shit console though.

  3. Di Pf
    January 27, 2020

    Thanks for telling me a solid state drive is faster than disk. Great article.

  4. David Mcguire
    January 27, 2020

    no Dram cache? The system is not even out and Microsoft already screwed up and I’ve got a no-name SATA SSD that is 15 times faster than a 5400 RPM hard drive of course an nvme SSD is going to be much faster than a hard drive. What next? Water is wet?