In China, Plant Drones Used To Disinfect Village (16,000 square meter)

Coronavirus is on everyone’s lips. It’s not a trending technology or anything that people can earn on. But it’s trending because people want to know how to protect them and their families from this virus. Of course, the best way to stay safe is insulation. But while many people outside China are thinking about how not to get infected and use various gadgets for this purpose, simple peasants in China use anything that comes to hand.

coronavirus In order to respond to the epidemic, various countries have strengthened disinfection measures. This is also implemented at the company level. Say, recently, Facebook, Razer, Amazon, and other companies have restricted their employees’ travel to China. Also, those employees that have traveled back to the US from China were asked to work from home. But as said, recently, in a Chinese village, some villagers used drones to sow ​​disinfectant spraying. As a result, the village has become safe and all the people in this village were quite satisfied with the results.

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As the drone holder told, he has several plant protection drones. Since it is in the low season in winter and has no other use, he thought of using drones to disinfect the whole village. This method was supposed to be implemented immediately on the second day of the New Year. But the spray effect could be unsatisfactory due to rain. However, he did what thought. The drone holder sprayed the whole village without dead ends using his own plant protection drone + disinfectant. The total operating area of ​​this spraying is about 16,000 square meters. And this was a quite helpful in fighting against coronavirus.

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