PlayStation 5: This Fake Leak Has Been Fooling the Internet For Days

PlayStation 5

A couple of days ago, a massive leak on PlayStation 5 surfaced online revealing the boot animation as well as the console itself. Since then, everyone is talking about it all over the internet. The leak consisted of a video in which a power-on beep similar to the PS4 starts as an intro sound. We then see PS5 and Sony logo coming in on the screen along with the legacy PlayStation chime. If you look at the image closely, you will also see a console sitting on the table.

PlayStation 5 Boot Animation Video is Fake, Creator Admits

Turns out, the video was a complete hoax by the creator just to see how far a rumor would go. For those who’re unaware, this video is posted by a YouTube account that goes by the name Oby 1. Soon after when the video went viral, the creator of the channel posted another video titled “‘How to win the interwebs. – make a PS5 video”. In the video, the creator admits that the entire video was just a facade. Furthermore, he also showcases how the video was actually created. He walks viewers through the entire creation process including designing boot animation and inserting fake sounds. Furthermore, the title of the above-linked video has also been changed to “This Video is Fake and CGI”.

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When the leak initially surfaced online, many viewers were skeptical about it while some instantly believed it. Viewers pointed out various discrepancies such as the presence of Google Play and App Store icons. Furthermore, the design of the console was simply unimaginative which is not something PS5 will possess. Lastly, there was the use of QR code which also indicated the leak being a ruse.

With that said, the so-called leak revealing the design of the device is fake. We still have no information on how the upcoming PS5 gaming console will look like in reality. Since the console has now been trademarked, the official unveiling seems to be nearing. We should see more information coming forward in the coming days.

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