Windows 10: You can now use your PC to make and receive calls

In December, Microsoft introduced the function of making and receiving calls from your PC. This is actually possible through the “Your Phone” application. At the time, this feature was only available to Windows Insiders users. Now, Microsoft officially launches this feature for Windows 10 users.\

The Microsoft Your Phone app is available for all iOS and Android phones. However, the app’s performance is more prominent in high-end Android phones (such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10). In addition, the phone gallery function in the app has also been optimized. Users can now use the touch screen on the PC to interact with the phone. At the same time, it also supports dual SIM cards, new message notifications, battery status, wallpaper PC visibility, stylus Support, and copy and paste features across devices. This feature saves users the stress of multitasking across devices and you can attend to your phone and PC from your PC.

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Windows 10 is the only option for Windows 7 users but Microsoft does not recommend upgrading

A few weeks ago, Microsoft officially discontinues updating Windows 7 systems. This means that officially, there will not be any more technical support, software updates and security checks.

Microsoft suggests to Windows 7 users that they are better off buying a new PC than upgrading their existing equipment.

For most Windows 7 users, it is recommended to use a new device migrated to Windows 10 Pro. Surface devices are faster, lighter, more powerful and more secure, and their average price is significantly lower than the average price eight years ago.


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Microsoft also pointed out that some parts and drivers may not work properly. Thus, it does not recommend an upgrade to Windows 10. The good news is that Windows 10 comes with basic drivers. This means that you may boot into Windows normally. However, you cannot use proprietary hardware or other features, such as an SD card reader or a fingerprint scanner. These features are maintained by the OEM.

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