Samsung Galaxy Z Flip rumored to go on sale in February for $1,400

According to media reports, Samsung’s second-generation foldable smartphone, Galaxy Z Flip, will be available on February 14 for $1400. The Samsung Unpack conference is scheduled to hold on February 11. There are expectations that the company will release the Galaxy S20 and a new foldable smartphone at the event. It usually takes several weeks for Samsung to sell a new device after launch. However, if the latest reports are true, then consumers obviously don’t have to wait long this time.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

In addition to the date of sale, the report also claims that the Galaxy Z Flip price is also lower than the original Galaxy Fold. The latter was released last October for $1980. However, the Galaxy Flip will hit the shelves for $1400 (according to rumors).

Recall that for the Galaxy Fold, Samsung sent a unit to several reviewers, an action that turned out to be good. A couple of the reviews were negative mainly due to a defective screen. Samsung had to take several months before it re-launched the Galaxy Fold. Having perfected its Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Z Flip will most likely not have the same issues.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – previous reports

Previous reports on the Galaxy Z Flip states that it would fold vertically, like an old flip phone.  This device will also use a glass screen instead of a plastic screen like the Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Z Flip may be exclusively sold by US operator AT & T, although there will be other unlocked versions. This is similar to the Galaxy Fold release arrangement.

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In addition to Samsung’s new foldable phone in February, Motorola will also launch the foldable phone, Razr, on February 6. Unlike the Galaxy Z Flip, the Razr will fold horizontally, similar to the previous foldable smartphones. As of now, there is no official response from Samsung on this report.

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