EU issues final decision on Huawei’s 5G

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Following the UK’s final decision to allow Huawei to participate in the country’s 5G construction, the EU also issued recommendations on 5G today. Digital Commissioner, Thierry Breton, said that the EU will establish a secure 5G network and agreed to strengthen security requirements. However, he added that no manufacturer will be explicitly shut out. In other words, Huawei can also participate in EU 5G construction.

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Thierry Breton, Commissioner for the Internal Market, said: “Europe has everything it takes to lead the technology race. Be it developing or deploying 5G technology – our industry is already well off the starting blocks. Today we are equipping EU Member States, telecoms operators and users with the tools to build and protect a European infrastructure with the highest security standards so we all fully benefit from the potential that 5G has to offer.”

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EU 5G toolbox agree to strengthen security

In the conclusions of the EU’s 5G toolbox agree to strengthen security requirements, to assess the risk profiles of suppliers, to apply relevant restrictions for suppliers considered to be high risk including necessary exclusions for key assets considered as critical and sensitive (such as the core network functions),

In short, the EU’s policy is similar to the UK’s decision. It restricts suppliers on key core networks, but 5G base stations and other important infrastructure will ensure multiple suppliers. Huawei can also participate in bidding. The EU did not mention limits to how many shares Huawei can hold. However, it will not allow a supplier to monopolize 5G supply exclusively.

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Communication network equipment is the core link of the mobile communication system. It mainly includes system equipment such as wireless, transmission, core network and service bearer support. These accounts for about half of the network construction cost. Although the core network is very important, the proportion of orders is not high. The main hit for 5G still remain the peripheral equipment such as 5G base stations.

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  1. Andre John Cruz
    January 30, 2020

    good decision! 👍

  2. Like I Care Ever
    January 31, 2020

    EU is the master of ‘strategic ambiguity’, it did not explicitly ban Huawei, but down the bidding process, it will show in the tender specs and bidding rules. Other Asian commodities face this EU ‘policy double-speak’, like rice, fish, cars and palm oil.

  3. Rob Greenwood
    January 31, 2020

    That’s a great decision, has anyone got any launch cooodes?

  4. Dave Black
    January 31, 2020

    Imo they should banned, china will look for anything they can to levy and control information. Plus with the way the goverment acts, i wouldnt want to deal with them

  5. Fred Flintstone
    February 3, 2020

    “Europe has everything it takes to lead the technology race…”
    Here we go again conflating the EU with Europe! The EU is NOT Europe; the EU is an ever diminishing subset of Europe!