OnePlus 8 series to feature Wireless Charging as the company joins WPC

OnePlus has been quite in a roll in the past few years from a small startup company to one of the most relevant smartphone makers in the market. The company is the leader of the premium smartphone segment in India and this does not come by chance. OnePlus devices feature stunning design, powerful specifications, bigger batteries with fast-charging and OxygenOS. However, fans have been asking for a particular feature for quite a long time – Wireless feature. Now, it seems that 2020 will finally be the year when OnePlus will deliver this charging technology through the OnePlus 8 or 8T series.


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OnePlus has listed on WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) what suggests the implementation of this technology in future phones. Some time ago, Oppo was listed on the WPC website predicting the arrival of Oppo smartphones with wireless charging. Now, OnePlus is on the list and that is a clear indication that future OnePlus smartphone will embrace this modern charging technology.

Worth mentioning that at this point it may be too late for the OnePlus 8 to come with wireless charging. Although it would be really disappointing for fans, we believe that these devices are already in the final development stages. However, the feature will surely come on this year’s Fall models, the OnePlus 8T models.

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OnePlus has great plans for 2020, which includes the expansion of its flagship portfolio. Furthermore, the company will keep the development of new technologies and will shake the market with a mid-range device.

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  1. Mick Psyphon
    February 1, 2020

    Oh, isn’t this just great! Now OnePlus can charge even MORE for their phones, because they’re adding the costly and useless feature of wireless charging.

    Why? Why on earth would ANYONE want wireless charging, when OnePlus already offers a charging method that’s infinitely faster? Are customers really demanding an option that requires them to waste MORE time charging their phones? I didn’t realize that so many people had so much time to waste?

    Personally, I only want the fastest method. If that means that I have to carry a charging cable and charger to plug in somewhere, then I’m cool with that. While I’m out working, or enjoying the finer things in life, the people who are charging their phones wirelessly will be waiting… and waiting… and waiting for their phones to get enough juice to allow them to go anywhere with it.

    I only hope that OnePlus offers wireless charging as an OPTION for customers to ask for when they purchase the phones; and for those of us that don’t want it, we can opt out, so as not to subsidize the cost of wireless charging for other people.