Firefox now allows users to view collected telemetry data


Firefox users can now access a special page where they can see the telemetry data that Mozilla is collecting from their browser. You can access this page by typing “about:telemetry” in the browser’s URL address bar. This is a recent addition to Firefox thus you may have to update your browser to access it.


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This page provides in-depth information about browser settings, installed accessories, operating system/hardware information, browser session details, and technical information about the running process. This information is authorized and collected by software vendors about users so that they can fix bugs and track the user base statistically.

According to Firefox engineers, the main reason for creating this page is to help engineers debug Firefox test installations. However, it can also be transferred to the stable branch through PR, allowing users to have a bottom up on the types of data collected by their browser manufacturers, making users more at ease. The move is in tune with what Mozilla has been doing over the past two years. It has been trying to improve privacy controls in its browser.

Data security has been a big deal for many users because they deserve to know what data they are giving out. What do you think about this move from Firefox? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.

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