PS4 emulator “GPCS4” has successfully run its first game

Sony’s latest financial report shows that PS4 sales have begun to slow down for obvious reasons. Although the PlayStation 5 will arrive in the closing months of this year, very few will be interested in the PS4 for now. So far, the PS4 has no mature cracking solution so far. What then happens to PC gamers that want to enjoy some PS4 titles? Well, if you are in that category, you might not be completely out of luck. According to recent reports, there is hope for emulators.

On GitHub, the PS4 emulator “GPCS4” announced the latest progress.  It can now finally boot and run a PS4 game. It seems that the loading speed of the game is very satisfactory, but the playability needs to be further optimized, mainly due to the low number of frames.

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According to the roadmap published by the developer, GPCS4 loads a lot of work in graphics, basic hardware, and systems, such as compiling shader GCN code into Spir-V, simulating joysticks, and audio works normally.

As of now, a good chunk of PS4 emulators are still in development. Most of them are in beta phases and are not ready to fully load a game. However, the GPCS4 is now past this phase and may define a new beginning for PS4 emulators. Nevertheless, its current framerate is barely acceptable for a good gaming experience.

PS4 emulator “GPCS4” only runs one low demand game for now

We must also note that it is currently playing one commercial game. The game (We Are Doomed) is 2D game that demands little or nothing thus we should not get our hopes too high for now. The best PS4 emulator for PC is probably “PCSX4” which lists games like God of War at reasonable framerates.  However, the “official” website seems fake. Users can click the Download button but it will redirect you to participate in some sort of survey. Even if you succeed to download the emulator, it doesn’t work. To check out GPCS4, click here.

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  1. drahen
    February 5, 2020

    Hi, thank you for this article, but please don’t link to PCSX4 dot com, even though the website is nice and organized, it’s fake emulator. They target gullible user that will click that Download button so they can offer them to participate in a survey or some marketing shit. Even though they can download the emulator, it won’t work. Search for “pcsx4 reddit”.

    GPCS4 seems promising though.

  2. EfeUdin
    February 5, 2020

    Thank you for the information