Windows 7: a major bug prevents turning off or restarting the PC

Windows 7 is once again affected by a strange bug, the second after the end of OS support. Many users complain that they cannot shut down or restart their PC. The problem seems to be quite widespread. Dozens of messages are flowing into Reddit, Twitter and Microsoft forums. Pending a possible fix, there is a solution to fix the bug.

Officially, Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft since January 2020, which means that the system will in principle no longer receive updates to correct bugs or security breaches. Fortunately, it is still possible to update your PC for free to Windows 10.

However, Microsoft was forced to release an update for Windows 7 after discovering a minor, but particularly annoying bug preventing the display of wallpapers. This time, it’s a new, much more annoying bug that affects the operating system.

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Many users have been complaining for several days that they can no longer shut down or restart a computer running Windows 7. When they try, an error message warns them that they do not have the authorization to perform this task, even if it’s one of the basic functions of an operating system.


Pending a possible fix from Microsoft, users have found a way to temporarily work around the problem. But it is clearly not an ideal long-term solution. For that you need to:

  • create an administrator account
  • log into this account
  • log into the first administrator account (yours)
  • shutdown or restart the PC

You will understand, it is particularly painful to have to repeat these steps each time you want to turn off or restart your machine.

We hope that Microsoft will release an update to correct this problem. After all, this is a more serious problem than a wallpaper problem that does not load. Anyway, we continue to recommend installing an alternative to Windows 7 on computers. Either update to Windows 10 or install a GNU / Linux distribution.

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