Huawei checks its supply chain for “CIA-controlled” companies

UK Huawei
UK Huawei

The fracas between the US and some Chinese companies (notably Huawei) seems to be getting deeper. At some point, it appeared as though the ban is relaxing. However, there has not been any significant change. Recently, the US claimed that it has proof that Huawei include backdoors in its equipment for spying activities. As usual, the Chinese manufacturer has since denied the claim and asked the US government to stop using the media for rumor-mongering.

Huawei chinese

In a twist of events, there are reports that the CIA controls a company (Crypto AG) which it uses to monitor global communications equipment makers. After the report went public, the Chinese manufacturer was quick to scan through its huge supply chain. Huawei PSIRT checked its cooperation data of all its suppliers for the first time. The company found that it has no cooperation with Crypto AG, CyOne Security AG, and Crypto International.

Huawei on the US allegations

According to the Chinese manufacturer, it is impossible to access the customer’s network without visibility from the customer. Also, Huawei said that it cannot bypass carriers’ access control and get data from its customers without being detected by all conventional firewalls or security systems. Huawei says that “the US accusation is just an attention-seeking method. It does not conform to any recognized logic in the field of network security…”

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