Sony PS5, Microsoft Xbox Series X price speculation hit the web again

Sony PS5 & Xbox Series X

The gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft are the most anticipated consoles presently. As of now, there is really no official information thus we rely on insiders/developers for some clues. Presently, we have an idea of the price of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Nevertheless, this is not official. Thus if you need official information, this is not the post you need.

PlayStation 5

Sony PS5 & Xbox Series X to cost more than you think

According to recent reports, the Sony PS5 and Xbox Series X will cost more than $ 600. This is more expensive than what many people expect. Recently on the NeoGaf game forum, a user who claimed to have “reviewed the new consoles of the two companies privately with NeoGaf employees” broke the news: “The news I have is that both companies (referring to Sony and Microsoft) will launch two game console versions. The mid-range configuration will be released simultaneously and will have a 7-year cycle. “

Xbox Series X real photos leaked

According to some developers, the overall performance of the two new consoles is comparable, and some games perform unexpectedly. For example, you want the game to continue running at a frame rate of 60fps, but the result is refreshed by the native 4K resolution @ 90Hz.

Both Sony and Microsoft have talked about how much raw capacity their next-generation computers will have. The Sony family alone said that the PS5 will have near-instant load times, support for 8K video, ray tracing, and a Ryzen-based CPU. Its status is equivalent to a low-end gaming PC, which is about $ 500 cheaper than twice the price of a desktop computer.

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Microsoft’s pricing of the Xbox series X is quite aggressive. Sony will either match it or sell its console for a lower price. However, it’s worth noting that many consoles are sold at cost or with only a small profit.

What do you think about the latest “above $600” price tag speculation of the PS5 and Xbox Series X? Will you get any of these consoles for $600 – $800? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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