Xiaomi UV disinfection lamp and thermometer on sale

UV disinfection lamp

Well there is no way around it, the world is currently on the brink of pandemic and the chinese coronavirus is raging all around the globe. In such time we are often reminded of the useful gadgets for monitoring health or disinfection purposes and of course Xiaomi have plenty of these in stock. So we would like to highlight for you today two interesting gadgets obtainable from Ebay, LED portable UV disinfection lamp and MiaoMiaoCe electronic thermometer.

Let’s start with the handy portable UV disinfection lamp, which can be an alternative gadget to help you with all the bacterias and mites. Ultra-violet sterilization method kills 99.9% of such germs and in just 10 seconds of action time you can achieve better cleaning that with home products. It’s really extremely portable with 18 x 10 x 119 mm and is charged via an USB port. And on Ebay you can find this nifty gadget currently just for 19.99€.

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Next one is the Xiaomi MiaoMiaoCe medical electronic thermometer with 18.8mm LCD screen and accurate temperate measuring with ± 0.1 degree precision. Temperature measuring is done via mouth or oxter and is fast and convenient. The beep sounds will help you get the exact timing too. Detection region is waterproof and the thermometer is powered by a CRE1220 80 mAh battery. You can get it for just 6.39€ on Ebay. And while you are at it you can maybe also get some antiseptic pad with 100 pcs/box for just 5.39€.

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