Users have created a petition asking Samsung no longer sell flagships with Exynos

A few days ago we could see a shameful video in which a Samsung Galaxy S10+ destroyed in performance a Samsung Galaxy S20+ thanks to having a Qualcomm processor versus an Exynos (and that there is a year of difference between the two). This only confirmed what we had been defending for years together with all of you: the flagships of Samsung with Exynos processors are behind their versions with Qualcomm both in power and efficiency.

This story repeats itself every year with the launch of new flagship smartphones from the company. Now, users have created a petition on for Samsung to stop using Exynos processors in its high-end for certain regions and to bet fully on Qualcomm processors.

Should Samsung stop launching its high-end Exynos?

The big complaint from users is that there is an important difference between the performance of Exynos processors and their equivalents at Qualcomm. This has been true since the launch of the Galaxy S6.

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In a video from MrWhoseTheBoss that you can find below, we have a comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in its Exynos version and the same model in its Qualcomm version. Beyond the processor, the rest of the features are the same. It is worth watching the video from start to finish because we can see how the S20 Ultra with Exynos exceeds the temperature of the Qualcomm model by more than 20ºC after requiring several consecutive AnTuTu tests, not to mention the drop in its performance, being 20% ​​below in power. The difference is also noticeable in the use of the camera app and even in the results, as well as in the autonomy.

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Taking all of that into account, it’s no wonder that the community has come together and created a petition for the brand to stop launching its flagships with Exynos processors, at least they don’t sell them at the same price when they are objectively less than Qualcomm versions. In several countries, users have no option to buy the versions with a Qualcomm processor and in exchange, they are paying a higher price than in the US, where they do have access to that version. Do you agree that the brand should stop using these processors?

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1 Comment

  1. Ho Hsin Yang
    March 21, 2020

    This is a moot point though. Samsung already stopped making custom cores.

    Beyond that, unless they are just making ARM design chips, I don’t see a good reason for them to make Exynos Chips anymore.

    they’re as good as dead already.

    If not this year’s Note 20, then next years S21 or whatever.