The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a better performance than the Galaxy S20!

With each generation of phones and processors, we see how performance grows more and more, something that appears clearly when we play mobile games. Now, it is known by all that there are better and worse processors on the market, even on phones in the same price range, the most popular of all being Qualcomm, but we also have the Exynos, Kirin and MediaTek. Now, with the latest Samsung flagships, something is wrong, because we can see that the Samsung Galaxy S10 outperforms the Galaxy S20.

First of all, we want to make it clear that the comparison that you are about to see is not in full equality, since it is between a Galaxy S10+ with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and a Galaxy S20 with the Exynos 990, although according to the Benchmarks, Samsung’s processor (Exynos) is significantly more powerful than Qualcomm’s previous high-end processor, but these tests show us otherwise.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 has 30 fps more than the Exynos 990

For years, Samsung has divided its flagships into different markets, with different processors: in Europe, they have Exynos processors, but in the United States, for example, they use Qualcomm. We still don’t understand why, but this usually means slightly less performance on Exynos processor models, as well as worse autonomy. Regardless, the performance always improved from year to year, even when compared to Qualcomm processors, but the Exynos 990 is laughable.

Thanks to this user, we have been able to see an intense comparison in gaming between the Samsung Galaxy S10+ Qualcomm version and the Samsung Galaxy S20+ Exynos version. We repeat that the Exynos 990 is in principle more powerful than the Snapdragon 855. Both phones are running at 60 Hz and FullHD+ resolution, in addition to the Gamebench software to measure their fps in real-time and obtain statistics from them.

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Exynos 990 S20+ vs Snapdragon 855 S10+

We can see that at first there is little difference with the NBA 2K20, but we notice some drops of FPS in the Exynos processor. After 10 minutes of play with both devices, both suffer from throttling, but while with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 we are still around 50 fps, in the Exynos 990 we stayed at about 30 at most. Looking at the fps graphics, the thing is clear, you just have to see the variation of fps from one processor to another and the average of the same: 54 fps on average for the Snapdragon 855 and 39 for the Exynos 990.

The following test in PUBG is more enlightening. Again, we can see that the average fps of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is higher than that of the S20 + in all conditions with differences of more than 30 fps on some occasions, but on average, the Snapdragon 855 remains in the 59 fps, while the Exynos 990, at 40 fps.

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