Stone Sweeping Robot T7 Announced At 2899 yuan ($409)

Stone Sweeping Robot T7

Today, following the schedule, Stone Technology officially launched the 2020 flagship vacuum cleaner, the new Stone Sweeping Robot T7. This product has a new RR Mason 7.0 algorithm system, a 297ml constant-voltage intelligent water tank, multi-map management 4.0, and an upgraded 2500Pa suction power.

Stone Sweeping Robot T7

It is priced at 2899 yuan ($409), and is now available for purchase. There are white marble and marble gold colors.

The RR Mason algorithm system is the key to the path planning of the sweeping robot and coping with complex environments. “Real-time data management algorithm” of RR Mason algorithm system is responsible for managing the distribution of environmental data collected by sensors, and then handing over to “perception and mapping algorithm” for data fusion and analysis. And only after this, it will hand over to “navigation and motion algorithm” for dynamic navigation and planning based on the analysis results.

Stone Sweeping Robot T7

So far, the Stone Sweeping Robot T7 has undergone 78 OTA algorithm updates. On this basis, the RR Mason 7.0 algorithm optimizes the zigzag algorithm. Plus, it improves the surround algorithm, and loads more obstacle information when crossing rooms and recharging.

This vacuum cleaner also comes with a constant-voltage water tank with a peristaltic pump solution. It has a capacity of 297 ml. In the “small water volume” mode, it can tow up to 250 square meters in a single operation.

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Stone Sweeping Robot T7

The Stone Sweeping Robot T7 is upgraded with multi-map management 4.0. You can customize the room cleaning sequence, suction power and water volume of the water tank, and you can set different settings for a single room. For example, the main bedroom area can be selected as “small water volume + quiet mode”, the kitchen area can be set as “large water volume + MAX mode”, and the bedroom can be cleaned at 10 am every day.

Stone Sweeping Robot T7 Comes With New Mapping Approach!

In this upgrade, multi-map management has also added the function of intelligent mopping forbidden area. The user can set the carpet area as a mopping area. So it will automatically become invalid after removing the mop bracket.

In addition, the Stone Sweeping Robot T7 supports the automatic identification of multi-floor maps. It can memorize and edit 4 maps at the same time. When changing floors and cleaning, the robot can automatically identify the floor, load the corresponding map and start working.

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According to reports, the Stone Sweeping Robot T7 will also upgrade the suction to 2500Pa. This is 25% higher than the suction of the previous generation. And its noise level is almost the same as the previous generation.

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