TSMC Postpones 3nm Process Plans By 4 Months, At Least


The total investment of TSMC’s 3nm process is as high as 1.5 trillion Taiwan dollars, about 50 billion U.S. dollars. At least, at the moment, 20 billion U.S. dollars have been spent. The trial production was originally planned for June. But now it will be postponed to October.

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After the semiconductor company enters the 10nm node, there are only three companies in the world capable of following up: Intel, TSMC, and Samsung. Among them, Samsung’s 3nm process will shift to GAA surround gate transistor process. TSMC’s 3nm is relatively conservative. The first generation also uses a FinFET process.

TSMC 3nm

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TSMC originally held a technical forum meeting in April to reveal the plan of the 3nm process. But due to the impact of the epidemic, it has now been postponed to the end of August.

In addition, the trial production plan for the 3nm process may also be postponed. The original trial production was planned for June. However, due to the spread of the latest epidemic, semiconductor equipment, and installers could not be completed on time.

Correspondingly, the 3nm production line of TSMC’s Nanke 18 plant will also be postponed for a quarter. The equipment was originally installed in October. And now, it will be delayed to early 2021.

However, for TSMC, the biggest risk this year is the 5nm process. If nothing accidental happens, it should start production at the end of the Q2 quarter, that is, the mass production of Apple’s A14 processor and the Huawei’s Kirin 1020 processor should start in June. But the chain and demand have slowed down. It was previously rumored that Apple’s A14 processor will be delayed for 3 months for mass production and delivery. Undoubtedly, this will affect TSMC’s Q3 quarterly operating performance.

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