The screen of the Galaxy S20 can operate at 96Hz and here is how to do it

Galaxy S20

The Galaxy S20 brings many new features. The screen, or rather its refresh rate, is one of them. The panel integrated into the devices can indeed reach 120 Hz, for more fluid animations.

Better yet, the user keeps control of their device and can, therefore, go from a 60 Hz rate to a 120 Hz rate by going to the device settings. But, what if a third mode is also accessible … but well hidden.

We owe this discovery to XDA-Developers. More specifically to one of its members. Actually, there is a 96 Hz mode available on the Galaxy S20.

By delving into the system files of the Galaxy S20, the XDA Senior Member Sathishtony has indeed discovered the existence of options allowing to refine the refresh rate of their screen a little more.

In addition to the modes accessible via the settings, two additional options are thus present: 48 Hz and 96 Hz. If going below 60 Hz is obviously not recommended, the 96 Hz mode can be a little more interesting. As we saw in the Galaxy S20 Ultra test, the 120 Hz mode has a direct impact on the autonomy of the device. In 60 Hz, it is indeed possible to save between one and two hours. The 96 Hz mode, therefore, seems to be a good compromise.

How to activate the Galaxy S20 96 Hz mode?

But now, by default, this mode is not accessible. One UI does not directly offer the option and you, therefore, have to roll up your sleeves and put your hands in the system files to benefit from it.

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Fortunately, Sathishtony has indeed developed an application allowing to change modes on the fly and without having to edit the files of One UI. It is available here and it comes with a widget that will take place in the shortcuts of the notification panel which will make switching even easier (Download link).

If you have a Galaxy S20, then this utility may quickly become essential. Hoping of course that this intermediate mode will end up being directly offered by One UI.

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