The iPhone 11 Pro Max has a better battery life than the Galaxy S20 Ultra

Is a large battery necessary in a smartphone? I believe most users will give a positive answer. However, large batteries are not always the solution. If the optimization is poor or you you have a very powerful hardware, it may not be as good as small capacity.

The youtube channel PhoneBuff has recently measured and compared the battery life performance of the iPhone 11 Pro Max (3969mAh) and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (5000mAh). As a result, the S20 Ultra was mercilessly killed by the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max 3969mAh battery has a better endurance than the 5000mAh Galaxy S20 Ultra

The test process is as follows:

  • mobile phone call (1 hour)
  • text messages (1 hour)
  • email (1 hour)
  • web browsing (1 hour)
  • social apps (1 hour)
  • standby (16 hours)
  • video watching (1 hour)
  • gaming (1 hour)
  • map navigation (1 hour)
  • music streaming (1 hour)

In fact, from the first test, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has maintained its advantage. After an hour of talk, Apple phone lost only 1% of its power, and Samsung phone lost 5%. After the completion of the first four items, that is, after the web browsing is completed, 76% of Apple and 67% of Samsung remain.

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During 16 hours of standby, both phones lost 6% of their power and performed consistently. In the second half, After 35 minutes, the galaxy S20 Ultra turned off, its battery was dead and the iPhone was still 17%. In the end, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is not only completed all the tests, but also persisted for an additional hour and 5 minutes.

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Of course, it should be noted that the S20 Ultra has a high refresh rate of 120Hz in the test. Although some users say this is unfair, from the perspective of real use, measuring 60Hz is of little significance. Moreover, there are still quite a few differences in the hardware of the two mobile phones, and it is impossible to precisely control the variables.

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