Disney+ crosses 50 million subscribers milestone


Disney enthusiasts were quite amazed when the successful conglomerate announced its own video streaming service with original content based on popular series and movies. The Disney+ service finally debuted in November 2019, and in just five months of operation, the streaming platform amassed over 50 million paying subscribers. This information comes straight from the company. Interestingly, Disney+ still doesn’t have a huge availability. However, it is being well received in countries where it is available. One of these markets is India, where the Disney+ service is available through a partnership with HotStar. India alone accounted for 8 million subscribers.

Worth noting that these users aren’t paying the same amount for the service. In Western Europe, where the service came last month, users have to shed around €60 (~$65) per year. Users in the US have to pay $70 annually. In India however, the 8M users are paying just $20 for the annual plan. That’s a huge difference, but perhaps, it has to do with the partnership with Hotstar.

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Among the successful movies Marvel, the Disney+ library also includes successful movies from Pixar, Disney Studios, Star Wars, and Nat Geo. There you can also find every season of The Simpson show. The service has successful exclusive shows such as The Mandalorian who stole the internet last year with its Baby Yoda.

Disney+ will keep amassing users since its expansion will continue through 2020. The company will now focus in the remaining European countries, Japan and Latin America.

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