TikTok and YouTube apps suffering with a massive wave of 1-star reviews in India


There is an ongoing battle between TikTok and YouTube video platforms. The Chinese social media is breaking records continuously and this isn’t pleasing YouTube fans. In a new advancement, TikTok & YouTube users are giving 1-star reviews to each other’s app in the Play Store. Everything started with YouTube’s controversial decision of deleting the viral video of Carry Minati’s “YouTube vs TikTok – The end” in which he roasted the Chinese social media.

YouTube creators are moving against TikTok creators which also fought back. However, the situation has quickly escalated after the video published by Carry Minati. The video became viral in India breaking several records during its first week. The video got a massive amount of likes and dislikes. After amassing over 74 million views in 7 days, YouTube deleted the video. The streaming platform made its decision after many complaints from TikTok users. According to YouTube, the video went against the privacy policy and was also violating the terms & conditions imposed by the platform. As a result, Carry Minati’s followers are promptly responding with a wave of 1-star reviews on the TikTok App in the Play Store. Yeah, this seems like the most reasonable way to fight against YouTube’s decision, right?

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1-star reviews are really the best weapon in this YouTube vs TikTok war?

If you check recent reviews in TikTok’s PlayStore page you’ll notice that all these 1-star reviews are complaining about YouTube’s decision of taking down Minati’s video. Instead of going against YouTube to complain about the decision, they are putting all the guilty on TikTok’s shoulders. The fans are also blaming YouTube. According to them, the platform didn’t defend Carry Minati since he was defending YouTube during the struggle. The support for Minati is also trending on Twitter and Instagram with #justiceforcarry hashtag. The support is also growing in Facebook & YouTube where posts and videos are recommending users to delete the Chinese social media app or to at least give it a 1-star review.

We are sure that this situation will continue in the coming days, so we’ll stay tuned to see how YouTube, TikTok, and Google Play Store will react to this. In the case of the Play Store, we don’t think that the company should allow these reviews. After all, they’re coming from a silly fight between app supporters and not from actual users of the platform.

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  1. Surfer9
    May 17, 2020

    If you check play store reviews most of the fake ones (spam ratings with fake accounts) are coming from India and Pakistan.

  2. gocoronago
    May 19, 2020

    Yeah, like your post would change their decision from treating a crappy app as crap. Right? 😛
    Lot of technical issues, together with the bias used by tiktok to remove videos, their improper algorithm (or shall I call bias??) for the view count. Besides this, encouraging videos supporting acid attacks, rapists and not bringing them down though reported multiple times. This is the actual reason of reporting the crappy app as 1 star, yeah I know it should have been less than 1 star!!