No Motion Sense on Pixel 5, suggests report

Google Pixel 4's Display Brightness Artificially Limited to 450 Nits

Google’s last year flagship, the Pixel 4 series has been selling miserably in low numbers, despite getting several price cuts in the past. The smartphone came with a proprietary Soli Radar Chip boasting Motion Sense features. Now, the latest tip has revealed that the company might skip the motion-sensing chip on its next lineup of pixel smartphones, possibly the Pixel 5 series.

As spotted by PhoneArena, 9to5Google’s Stephen Hall has tweeted that the Pixel 5 might not include the Soli Radar chip this year. If we recall, this was the talking point of the Pixel 4 series. The Soli Radar Chip works in conjunction with Google’s software and helps trigger Always-on display, improve face unlocking speeds and more.

Another most important aspect of this Soli Radar Chip is the gesture facility it offers. It has a motion sensor that detects a user’s swipes in front of the phone and performs various tasks like switching music tracks, rejecting a call etc., without touching the phone.

This concept seemed exciting at the demonstration, but users started to complain of poor battery life that could be due to inconsistency of Soli radar chip. Additionally, Google had to skip some other features like the ultra-wide lens in camera, a bigger battery in the Pixel 4 series because of this expensive chip.

In addition to this, the Soli Radar chip also made Google skip the sale of Pixel 4 series in a few countries including India as the device did not meet the frequency regulations, and this affected the sales further. 

The new Pixel 5 hasn’t been leaked much and the latest tip, though from a reliable leakster, has to be taken with a pinch of salt until renders or other leaks fall under our radar.

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