Android 11 beta launch gets delayed

android 11

Google has cancelled the Android 11 Beta event that was previously scheduled for June 3rd. The company has tweeted the announcement today but hasn’t specified any reasons for the delay.

Google’s Developer team took to twitter to say about the cancellation of the event. The tweet says that the event scheduled on June 3rd stands cancelled. This means the First Beta of Android 11 has to be under the wraps for a while.

No new Dates Yet

Google has not specified any specific date of the rescheduled event, but it is expected to hold the event sometime in summer. However, it is unclear why Google had to cancel the event. Reports say that it could be due to mass protests in the USA due to the death of George Floyd this week.

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The nation-wide spread of protests is due to the death of African-American in a questionable way as he was being restrained by Police in Minneapolis. While Google hasn’t actually mentioned the reason for its decision in the tweet, it is understandable that Google doesn’t see this time as the best moment.

Google I/O was also cancelled

Earlier, Google had to cancel its Google I/O that was scheduled to happen last month due to the outbreak of the virus. Earlier, various reports claimed that the launch of the upcoming Google Pixel 4A smartphone is also delayed for July. Latest developments regarding the product reveal that it could come without the Edge detection. It is also expected to be cheaper than the new iPhone SE. 

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Google, however, hasn’t confirmed the existence of the device yet. The handset has been leaked extensively in the past with camera samples, price and whatnot.

The year 2020 is witnessing a spree of cancellation of events and Google’s latest announcement is a no brainer with issues popping up every day. Google will likely reschedule the event sooner than we expect. But as of now, we are as eager as you to see how this turns out in the future.

We will let you know whenever there’s a new date to the for the beta, and eventually, the Pixel 4A. However, for the moment,

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