BOE OLED phone panel global revenue share will hit 12% by the end of the year

2020 iPhones may use BOE display

LCD panels for smartphones remain the cheapest alternative in the market. However, OLED displays seem to offer more for many users but it is significantly more expensive. Most  2o2o flagship phones use OLED displays. Apart from the frequently reported burn-in issues with OLEDs, the display seems fine. Samsung is at the top of the OLED display market. However, there are some Chinese manufacturers that are seriously rising fast. BOE is one of these companies.

Apple's OLED screen BOE

Since the iPhone X, all Apple’s top smartphone uses an OLED display. Apple’s action widely popularized the OLED display panel even amongst Android devices. Chinese panel manufacturers such as BOE and Huaxing Optoelectronics also have the ability to produce OLED panels. These companies have begun to supply to smartphone manufacturers.

According to a recent DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants) report, BOE’s share of the global smartphone OLED panel revenue is expected to double this year.

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In the report, DSCC stated that in Q1 2020, BOE’s share of global smartphone OLED panel revenue increases from 1.9% in Q4 2019 to 6%. With this sharp increase, it almost surpasses LG Display. According to the research company, BOE’s share could reach 12% by the end of the year.

DSCC said in the report that BOE’s revenue share in the smartphone OLED panel market has increased, mainly due to two reasons. The first is the newly launched 5G smartphones, which generally use OLED screens. The second is the expansion of supply. More Huawei models now use BOE displays. In addition, the company is also supplying new customers such as OPPO, Xiaomi, and even Apple.

At present, smartphones account for a large proportion of the global OLED screens. DSCC predicts in the report that the OLED panels used in smartphones will account for $26.6 billion in the global OLED panel market. This market will have a total of about 33 billion in revenue this year. This means that smartphones account for over 80%.

The proportion of smartphone OLED panel revenue has increased significantly. Technically, this means that BOE’s share of global OLED panel revenue will also increase significantly. DSCC data shows BOE’s OLED panel revenue in the first quarter of this year. Its global share has increased from 2.6% in the fourth quarter of last year to 5.6%.

In other reports, DSCC also believes that Apple’s expenses this year on OLED panels will hit $9.8 billion. This means that it will account for about 30% of the global OLED panel expenditures. This figure shows that Apple will be the largest OLED display buyer this year.

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