Meizu foldable phone patent appears online

meizu 17 design
Another take at the Meizu 17 design.

Since the beginning of last year, smartphones with foldable displays started hitting the market. The Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X are the maiden foldable phones from top manufacturers. However, the first foldable phone to go commercial is Royole FlexPai. Since then, we have seen other foldable phones like Huawei Mate Xs, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Microsoft Surface Duo, Moto Razr 2019, Royole Flexpai 2, LG G8X ThinQ, and so on. Each of these smartphones has its unique design which makes foldable phones interesting. Now, a Meizu foldable phone patent recently appeared online.

meizu foldable phone

According to the company’s information, Meizu recently passed a patent for a foldable smartphone. The application date is October 10, 2019, and the opening date is 2020.4. On May 24th, the applicant showed up as Zhuhai Meizu Technology Co., Ltd.

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This Meizu utility model belongs to the technical field of folding screen mobile phones. It particularly relates to a foldable mobile phone and foam for folding screen mobile phones. When the Meizu foldable phone is not folding the foam ensures that the flexible screen has good support.

Meizu foldable phone patent description:

The utility model relates to the technical field of folding screen mobile phones and provides a folding screen mobile phone and foam for folding screen mobile phones. The foam for a folding screen mobile phone includes a fiber monomer, and the fiber monomer includes an intermediate segment. Two ends of the intermediate segment respectively extend in parallel opposite upper and lower segments, and a plurality of the fiber segments. The body has a sequential connection in the length direction of the upper section and the lower section to form a foam body. The folding screen mobile phone includes the foam body as described above and further includes a body one and a body two.

Between the body one and the body, there is a rotating shaft module. The flexible screen is on the upper surfaces of the body one and the body two. The foam body is at a middle position of the flexible screen and the rotating shaft module. When the folding screen mobile phone is unfolded, it (the foam) ensure effective support of the flexible screen. However, when the folding screen mobile phone is closed, it leaves room for the flexible screen.

In all, this is only a patent filing and there is no guarantee that this device will see the light of day. We will have to keep a tab on the company and report as events unfold.

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