Sony PS5 Vs Microsoft Xbox Series X – which is more powerful?

Sony PS5 & Xbox Series X

On June 12, the much-anticipated PS5 console was announced, bringing with it a luxurious lineup of games. A small episode ensued, with Microsoft’s General Manager of Xbox Marketing tweeting his congratulations to Sony, and adding a bit more about the homegrown game The PS5 and XSX are the new generations of gaming consoles, so which is more powerful? Tour Research has published a chart on Weibo that visually compares the performance of the two consoles in various aspects.

Sony PS5 VS XSX – Specs Description

In terms of CPUs for both consoles, the XSX and PS5 are powered by AMD processors, both of which are 8-core and Uses the Zen2 architecture, but the XSX has a 3.8GHz CPU and the PS5 has a 3.5GHz CPU frequency (variable frequency). In terms of GPU, the XSX has 12 TFLOPs of floating-point computing power and the PS5 has 10.28 TFLOPs of floating-point computing power. All in all, both consoles have twice the combined computing power of their respective predecessors.

In terms of memory, the XSX is a 16GB GDDR6 320-bit bus and the PS5 is a 16GB GDDR6 256-bit bus. On the hard drive side, the XSX features a 1TB custom SSD with a 2.4GB/s; the PS5 has an 825GB custom SSD with 5.5GB/s speed, almost twice the read and write speed of the XSX’s hard drive.

Both consoles support 8K, ray-tracing technology, and the XSX can do 60-120 fps when playing in 4K. The PS5 can do up to 120 fps as well. In terms of compatibility, the XSX is directly compatible with games up to the original Xbox, and the PS5 is compatible with games up to the PS4.

Simply put, the PS5’s game loading speed will be better than others. However, the Xbox Series X’s ability to maintain a high frame rate of 4K is far better. The loading speed of PS5 can even be twice as fast as XSX. In fact, this is reflected in the SSD performance data previously announced, up to 5.5GB/s (compressed data speed up to 9GB/s). This is 2.4 times faster than XSX.

Sony PS5 VS XSX – Price Speculations

As for the price, Microsoft has since shown its commitment to making the XSX cheaper than the PS5. At some points, there were reports that the XSX will be $100 cheaper than the PS5. Recently, Amazon in the UK suddenly launched a landing page for the Sony PS5. The weird thing about the landing page is that it comes with a price tag. The Amazon UK page shows that this console will sell for £599 ($759). It’s interesting because this price falls within the speculations. According to previous reports, the Sony PS5 can sell for anything between $400 – $800. The £599 ($759) price tag seems accurate and reasonable. Thus, netizens can not help but believe that this could be the PS5 real pricing.

Both consoles have their own standout performance, and in a comprehensive comparison of the data, the PS5’s hard drive read and write speeds are significantly higher than the PS4’s. XSX, otherwise there is not much difference between the two consoles. This winter, both consoles will make their debut and you can compare their gaming performance at that time.


PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X
CPU 8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.5GHz
(variable frequency, with SMT)
8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.8GHz
(3.6GHz with SMT)
GPU 10.28 TFLOPs,
36 CUs at 2.23GHz (variable frequency)
12.16 TFLOPs,
52 CUs at 1.825GHz
GPU Architecture Custom RDNA 2
w/ hardware RT support
Custom RDNA 2
w/ hardware RT support
Memory 16GB GDDR6 16GB GDDR6
Memory Bandwidth 448GB/s 10GB at 560GB/s,
6GB at 336GB/s
Internal Storage Custom 825GB NVMe SSD 1TB Custom NVMe SSD
IO Throughput 5.5GB/s (Raw),
8-9GB/s (Compressed)
2.4GB/s (Raw),
4.8GB/s (Compressed)
Expandable Storage NVMe SSD Slot 1TB Expansion Card
External Storage USB HDD Support USB HDD Support
Optical Drive 4K UHD Blu-ray Drive 4K UHD Blu-ray Drive
HDMI 2.1 (4K/120Hz, 8K, VRR) 2.1 (4K/120Hz, 8K, VRR)
Backward compatibility PlayStation 4 Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One
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