Instagram tests the display of two rows of stories


Stories on Instagram is a very important and popular part. In fact, since its introduction, users have been posting a lot of content of their daily lives on Instagram stories. Today, according to Toranji website, it seems that Instagram is currently testing the display of two-rows of stories. This can affect the way you interact with the story section.

Instagram tests the display of two rows of stories

Previously, the stories were displayed in a row and above the timeline of the posts. In this case, you could see 4 stories from your friends. In order to see if someone else has a story, you have to swipe (drag the story bar) to see the rest of the stories.

Now, you can see two rows of Instagram stories, 8 stories appear at once, and this is useful for people who have a lot of friends or follow a lot of pages.

Of course, this feature is still not available for all Instagram accounts, and only some selected users have access to it now.

This addition can be interesting, because these days the ratio of our mobile screens is increasing day by day, and what better use than to see some more content on these tall screens.

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Instagram will share ads revenue with the creators of IGTV content

Over the past few months, Instagram has been working to launch monetization on IGTV. Instagram invited its partners to test ads on IGTV commercials in March, and has now announced a widespread rollout of ads in content. Now, ads on IGTV will appear in all long videos. Initially, IGTV ads will appear when people click on a video in their feed.

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Video ads will adapt to appear on mobile devices. The duration of the promotional video will be no more than 15 seconds. Throughout the year, Instagram will test various advertising options, the ability to skip ads, and more, to arrive at a final version that will suit users, content creators, and advertisers.

Instagram will share the revenue from advertising on IGTV with the creator of the video, which will give them more incentive to create content. Creators will receive 55% of the revenue from the sale of advertising in IGTV content, which corresponds to the level of revenue from advertising on YouTube. This will help make Instagram a more attractive site for vloggers.

The lack of monetization tools for long videos has been a serious obstacle to the development of IGTV so far. But if the creators are motivated to create and post more content, this can lead to rapid growth and development of the platform.

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