Huawei’s Automatic Disassembly Platform Can Dismantle The Phone In 6 Minutes

Huawei's automatic disassembly platform

When the phone encounters a malfunction, it needs to be disassembled for repair. Many users are concerned about the disassembly process. Today, He Gang, president of Huawei’s terminal smartphone product line, unveiled the black technology in Huawei’s automatic disassembly platform.

According to He Gang, Huawei’s automatic disassembly platform has three major features: safe heating, seamless disassembly, and efficient maintenance.

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The Huawei’s automatic disassembly platform uses non-destructive materials with high adsorption and good thermal stability to integrate into the platform design. There is also an intelligent dual temperature control system, which can monitor the temperature changes in the operating area of ​​the system in real time to ensure the temperature during the heating process. The stability of the system can also automatically protect the user’s smartphone from overheating factors. Huawei’s automatic disassembly platform can complete the disassembly of the smartphone in 6 minutes. As the name suggests, the entire process is automatic.

It seems this product is warmly welcomed by many Huawei users. At least, in the official Huawei forum, there have been many users expressing their admiration.

Official Introduction of Huawei’s automatic disassembly platform

Huawei's automatic disassembly platform

The general smartphone disassembly method does have the above hidden dangers. Commonly used smartphone dismantling methods have three steps of ‘blowing, sucking, and prying’. You should use a blower tube to heat the adhesive; then, you have to use a suction cup to open the gap; then, you will use a scribe to pry off the parts. Agree that there is a certain danger factor’.

Huawei's automatic disassembly platform

But if the temperature is not well grasped, and the temperature of the hair dryer is too high, it will easily cause the phone to overheat. Obviously, this will affect the performance of the phone, and cause the phone to suffer from ‘internal injuries’.

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Moreover, once the force is not well controlled, it is easy to scratch the battery cover and the screen of the smartphone. This will make the smartphone look ugly. In severe cases, it may also damage the internal parts of the smartphone and cause it to ‘bleed’.

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Huawei's automatic disassembly platform

In order to avoid the above situation and make everyone more comfortable repairing smartphones, Huawei has adopted a ‘secret weapon’ – the Huawei automatic disassembly platform. It can properly guarantee the quality of disassembly and maintenance, and give smartphones a full range of safety and care.

How Does It Work?

Huawei’s automatic disassembly platform can realize automatic heating and disassembly of the mobile phone and auxiliary maintenance. This tool has been used in Huawei Customer Service Center.

Before disassembling, the engineer will paste a protective film on the screen or battery cover of the phone to protect the appearance and avoid scratches.

The device intelligently controls the temperature, and the phone will not get too hot. The automatic disassembly platform comes with the ‘warm man’ attribute. Its ‘intelligent dual temperature control system’ can monitor the temperature changes in the operating area in real time, keep the appropriate temperature during the disassembly process unchanged, and protect the phone from overheating.

Huawei's automatic disassembly platform

Huawei’s automatic disassembly platform is intelligently operated throughout the process. Maintenance engineers only need to put the smartphone into the platform. After, it can automatically complete the disassembly action, and can properly guarantee the quality of smartphone repair.

Huawei's automatic disassembly platform

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