Meizu announces beta tests of Flyme OS 8.1 based on Android 10 for several devices

On the eve of the annual Flyme OS Anniversary event, Meizu announced the upcoming release of the first “beta” of Flyme OS 8.1, built on the mobile operating system Android 10. The new user interface became available immediately for ten devices of the brand.

Meizu announces beta tests of Flyme OS 8.1 based on Android 10 for several devices

This year, Flyme firmware will be 8 years old – on this occasion, the manufacturer promised to delight brand fans with pleasant surprises. Alongside the Meizu 17 series, owners of Meizu 16s Pro, 16s, 16T, 16th Plus, 16th XS, 16X, Note9, Note8 and X8 smartphones can install the first public beta version of the latest Flyme 8.1 firmware based on Android 10.

Among the most striking innovations in Flyme os 8.1 we have the proprietary engine OneMind 4.0, improved voice assistant Aicy and performance increase in games compared to the previous version of the UI. According to representatives of Meizu, the users of Flyme firmware are more than 100 million users worldwide.

Last month, Chinese manufacturer, Meizu, released the Meizu Flyme 8.1 stable version which brings a couple of features. Some of the features include small window mode 2.1, mEngine 3.0, live wallpaper, etc. The update also brings input method improvements. In addition, it brings WeChat intelligent image selection, camera upgrades and more.

Meizu Flyme OS 8.1 Changelog


  • Optimize system stability and increase standby time (Support 16s Pro, 16s, 16th Plus, 16th)
  • Adapt to TWS+ mode, use wireless Bluetooth headset to experience low latency and smoother sound quality (Support 16s Pro, 16s, 16Xs, 16T, Note9). Path: The function enables by default, directly use TWS + headset to connect and use
  • Furthermore, the volume adjustment adapts to vibration feedback, continuously press the volume key or drag the volume bar to both ends

OneMind 4.0

  • Strictly restrict cross-wake applications, cut off rogue behavior in real-time, protect mobile phone data security, and maintain a pure background
  • Optimize the number of wake-ups, reduce the frequent wake-up of the CPU in a short period of time and cause power loss, extend the standby time
  • When an application is running in the background, the sampling frequency automatically reduces to reduce power consumption. However, the normal response speed is restored after switching to the foreground

System interface

  • This interface feels like a natural surging of rivers, lakes, and lakes. In addition, the deep mood and soothing animation will make you relax. Path: Settings_Theme and Wallpaper_Wallpaper_Live Wallpaper
  • The new display screen style incorporates neon styles and popular elements, which are still dazzling when in standby (Support 16s Pro, 16s, 16th Plus, 16th, 16 X, 16T, 16Xs). Path: Set _display and brightness _ interest screen display _ display style
  • Fingertip streamer, sparkling fireworks, more gorgeous screen fingerprint unlock animation, touch, and bloom beautifully. Path: Settings_Fingerprint, Face and Security_Fingerprint Recognition_Fingerprint Unlock Animation (Support 16s Pro, 16s, 16th Plus, 16th, 16 X, 16T, 16Xs)
  • The lock screen interface supports viewing of the lunar calendar date, which is in line with the habits of Chinese people. This feature also ensures that users are not afraid of forgetting their birthdays (Path: Settings_Notification and Status Bar_Lock screen to display the lunar calendar date)
  • After connecting, the headset icon displays on the status bar. It will no longer display the USB sound card output. 


  • Compassionate, gentle, natural vocal replies (Path: Set _Aicy_Aicy Voice_Aicy Voice)
  • Intelligently detect course apps and automatically add cards, support multiple plug-in styles, and gather your attention
  • Supports the first batch of course apps: super course schedule, course grid, WakeUp course schedule
  • The update also optimizes the browsing effect of the card management page. Also, it distinguish the added status, and make the operation clearer

Small window mode 2.1

  • Slide-out the small window from the corner of the bottom of the screen. Also, various temporary tasks can be easily resolved, and up to 24 applications can be added (Path: Settings_Navigation and Quick Operation_App Window)
  • When there are less than 5 outgoing menus, you can quickly add applications. Support custom sorting, and improve operation efficiency
  • You can also call WeChat to send a message when reading the public account / browsing the circle of friends
  • Automatically hides the status bar under the horizontal screen. Supports the use of third-party input methods to create a more complete parallel experience (Path: Settings_Navigation and shortcuts_App window_Close the floating keyboard)
  • After starting, to grab the red envelope, you will automatically enter the small window to receive the red envelope without having to jump out of the current page (Path: Settings_Accessibility_Red envelope assistant_Red envelope grab)
  • The small window supports double-click exit, and the exit method is selected according to usage habits, which effectively reduces the false touch rate (Path: Settings_Navigation and shortcuts_App window_Double-click to exit the window)


  • After “turning on the flash”, the front screen automatically fills in light to enhance the outline of the portrait and facial details. Also, the brightness will not cause discomfort to the eyes (Support 16s Pro, 16s)
  • Upgrade the filter effect, use when shooting portraits, landscapes for unique imaging
  • Rear camera intelligent scan code – scan, identify, reduces operation steps
  • New focal entrance in professional mode, extended viewfinder, fast capture of moments (Support 16s Pro, 16s)
  • Customize the homepage shortcut menu, drag and adjust from more menus. With this upgrade, you can also take pictures more smoothly (Path: Camera_More_Edit in the upper left corner)
  • Improve the accuracy of voice recognition, no need to adjust the posture


Gizchina News of the week

  • Brand-new intelligent image selection function, more refined filtering dimensions, a one-click search is efficient and fast (Path: Click the + button in the lower right corner of the WeChat chat interface)
  • Some puzzle posters support custom text, easily record picture stories
  • Adjust the enlargement strategy of thumbnails to better view details


  • In mBack mode, you don’t need to press the power button to lock the screen. Press and hold the main button on the screen and that’s it (Support 16s Pro, 16s, 16th Plus, 16th, 16X). Path: Settings_Navigation and shortcut operation_Navigation method_mBack_Long press the main key to lock the screen
  • In addition, users can automatically switch to the mobile data network when connecting to the public wireless network to avoid data leakage and hidden property risks (Path: Settings_Carrier Network_Financial Payment Security)
  • The notification bar shortcut switch also adapts to vibration effect so that every click will tremble (Support 16s Pro, 16s, 16th Plus, 16th, 16 X, 16T). Path: Settings_Sound and Vibration_System Sound and Vibration_Touch Vibration Feedback
  • It also support application list searches when managing applications to improve application setting efficiency (Path: Settings_App Management_All Apps_Search).

Sogou input

  • Rich emoji expressions
  • Customize the vibration intensity of the key to enjoy the input (Path: input method_button feedback)
  • The clipboard supports the storage of 100 items of data, easily handling text transfer between different applications
  • Quickly search and send emoticons in the keyboard
  • More optimizations: Support up / down input symbols under Pinyin full keyboard

Meizu Pay

  • Intelligently switch between the access control card and the bus card, and automatically select the swipe card according to the usage scenario to simplify the operation process (Path: Meizu Pay_Settings_NFC Default Card_Smart Card Selection)
  • Transport cards can be transferred to different Meizu devices under the same account. Currently supports Zhengzhou Tongka, Guangxi Transportation Card, Lingnantong

System Tools

  • Adds “Use default file preview function” option to efficiently view documents (Path: File management _ upper right corner _ settings)
  • Support setting ring vibration for a single alarm (Path: Alarm_Add Alarm_Vibrate when ringing)
  • Show file transfer box when connected to USB.
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