Snapdragon 875 Flagships Are Going To Be More Expensive And Here Is Why

Snapdragon 875 Flagships Are Going To Be More Expensive And Here Is Why

One of the biggest mobile chip manufacturers is Qualcomm. And most Android smartphone manufacturers use Snapdragon chipsets because of their positive reputation. Snapdragon 800 series provides the best performance for Android smartphones. Currently, Snapdragon 865 is the latest chipset. This year, we saw a price hike in flagship Android smartphones. The reason behind the price hike was no other than 5G modems. The most anticipated mid-range phone, which is the successor to POCO F1, also got launched with the new chipset. And many were disappointed by the price tag. The big reason for the increase in price tag is the new chipset which is Snapdragon 865. But are things going to change with the upcoming Snapdragon 875?

Snapdragon 875 Flagships Are Going To Be More Expensive And Here Is Why

According to the new report, the price hike is not going to stop. The upcoming Snapdragon 875 is going to be even expensive than Snapdragon 865. And the difference isn’t small at all. The new report posted on a forum says that the new Snapdragon 875 is priced significantly higher. It is expected to be $250. While the Snapdragon 865 chipset is set for the price tag around $150 – $160. This means $100 more for the upcoming chipset, which is going to be the reason why flagship smartphones are going to be more expensive than before.

Tough Time For Android Ahead?

Snapdragon 875 Flagships Are Going To Be More Expensive And Here Is Why

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Keep in mind this isn’t the final price. There are other things as well like a license fee etc. If the current report is true, then does it mean the downfall of Android flagships is near? Well, one of the biggest flagship series is Samsung. And Samsung uses Exynos chipsets in the majority of the world, while Huawei uses Kirin. But still, this will give an advantage to Android’s biggest competitor. Apple is selling its flagship chipset at $399, which is mind-blowing. And with the reports of cheaper LTE versions of iPhones, Apple is going to give some tough time to Android manufacturers.

What Is The Possible Solution?

Since 5G is not available in many parts of the world, companies can still opt for one generation old chipsets. Like Snapdragon 855+ is still a great option, or Qualcomm can opt for different versions of their new chipsets: With 5G Modem and Without. According to the tweet by @Kuma_Sleepy, Xiaomi is having discussions on how much it will cost for their upcoming flagship.

With this report, people are spreading hate on Qualcomm. Some people are saying “MediaTek is the only competition” while some are pointing that Android flagships are in danger. What are your thoughts on this?


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  1. vjuricic
    June 27, 2020

    If this is true, only choice to keep good privce and performance but to stay competitive is to use MTK chips or new Samsung exynos…in hope the next generation will be efficient and effective as promised.

  2. vjuricic
    June 27, 2020

    Quaalcomm think they are untouchable and have so great product…but beware you are not the first one to think like tht…and more greater have fallen…learn sth. from history.