Following Apple’s Footsteps, Samsung Could Be Removing The Charger From The Box

iPhone 12 launch is around the corner, leaks are popping out every other day. One of the biggest news came from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who claimed that Apple iPhone 12 series will ditch the charger and earpods from the box. Meaning you’ll only get some documents and the phone in the box. And you’ll have to buy a charger on your own. Well, Samsung might be removing the charger too.

It is pretty clear how every other company follows Apple’s footsteps. Just take the 3.5mm headphone jack as an example. Samsung made fun of Apple when they removed the headphone jack. Ironically, Samsung also removed the headphone jack from all of its flagships. The same is the case with any other doing of Apple. iPhone 12 series introduced a bold design language and the results? Every other phone is featuring a bolder camera design, take Oppo Reno4 as an example.

Charger: Sold Separately

And the new act of Apple removing the charger and earpods from the box will be followed by Samsung. The report comes from ETNews where they claimed that Samsung is also planning to sell their flagship phones without the charger. However, this is not confirmed as of now. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is coming next month, and it doesn’t seem like Samsung will be willing to take the risk with the Note 20 series. And they would first let Apple do the job of taking the hate. Hence, it is expected that Samsung will remove the charger from the box for the 2021 flagships.

As you know Apple is using the lightning port for the iPhone series, which is not universal. However, Samsung uses a USB Type-C port which is universal and can be found in any other smartphone whether its an entry-level or flagship phone. This makes Apple users suffer the most since many of them will not have a lighting cable however a USB-Type C cable is easily available everywhere and cheap!

Moral Of The Story: Consumers Will Suffer

Believe me, when I first heard this news, I also couldn’t digest this news. One question which arises is how the companies are gonna announce this news to the user? How will they convince the consumers? How will it look when Tim Cook announces that the charger is sold separately. Then the announcement of the $1000 Apple monitor stand came in my mind. Just kidding, they will be throwing reasons like Environmental effects. In a nutshell, be prepared for this next and try to digest it. I wrote a detailed article on the reasons why Apple is going to remove the charger from the box.


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  1. Marcus Li
    July 8, 2020

    Apple has a lot to answer for. They had the pathetic design style of the notch, the non-standardizing charging ports, the flipped headphone control scheme making android/apple headsets non-compatible with each other and now this pathetic grab for money (using environmentalism as an excuse for greed). Considering how much of a premium they charge for this rubbish, they are now wanting more…. the pure greed of these US companies. Samsung is just the same if they follow suit.