Google has a surprising 5G strategy to the benefit of its customers

Pure Android, an update guarantee, and an excellent camera are no longer enough. Google needs to rethink to keeps its Pixel series intact. Under normal circumstances, Google would have introduced two mid-range smartphones from 400 euros ($453) in spring and two new flagships from 750 euros ($850) in autumn. A lot has changed in the meantime, Google is using the mess of the year for some internal restructuring. While all other manufacturers have postponed the launch of their new Android smartphones by weeks at most, the “Android boss” seems to be confused. However, it appears that Google has a strategy.

Google Pixel 5

In the source code of the current Google apps, there was information on Google’s new smartphone portfolio. The plan is that Google will unveil the Pixel 4a which will sell for about 349 euros (($396). There is not much to expect from this smartphone. It will most likely come with a flagship camera like most of Google’s phones. However, the three-year update guarantee remains one of its biggest plus.

Pixel 4a XL becomes a 5G alternative

The huge surprise is the news of the Pixel 4a 5G which will come later this year with a better processor. It is probably made of plastic to keep the price low. For this phone, Google’s demand should be easily higher than those of its competitors. 

With relative probability, the pixel 4a 5G is the original pixel 4a XL. This makes it larger than the normal Pixel 4a, but also automatically has more battery on board. This is certainly necessary for 5G radio. This device is proof of how Google wants to strengthen its sales together with the providers, who in turn want to push 5G as quickly as possible.

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Pixel 5: premium mid-range and flagship feature

Last but not least, there is the Pixel 5, for which Google is also showing a new strategy. It is a higher quality 5G smartphone but has “only” the Snapdragon 765 processor under the hood. So it is not a flagship in terms of the processor. However, Google wants to drive sales across all channels.

Thus, the Pixel 5 has the best mid-range processor on the market to date, which has 5G radio and quite a bit of performance. To make the Pixel 5 stand out more, it certainly has wireless charging including a reverse function onboard. It will probably use more than a single main camera and is made of glass instead of plastic. The price of this smartphone should not exceed 700 euros ($793). 

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