US Cellular choose Nokia and Ericsson to set up its 5G network

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The United States continues to develop next-generation networks on its territory. For a long time, they were helped by the main ideological enemies – Huawei. The US authorities have decided to cancel the cooperation. Without thinking twice, the Americans decided to ask for help from a less controversial company – HMD Global, which owns the Nokia brand.

US Cellular choose Nokia and Ericsson to set up its 5G network

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More specifically, US Cellular, one of many carriers in the country, has teamed up with Nokia to expand its 5G network. With Huawei’s proposals no longer being considered, there are very few options available to US carriers.

Nokia and Ericsson have become the obvious choices, but both offer more expensive services than Huawei – China, as always, has a good price tag. In any case, US Cellular wants to expand the capabilities of its 5G network by adding spectral bands of 24 GHz and 28 GHz, without which stable operation of 5G is, in fact, impossible.

As such, Nokia will begin installing its AirScale solution to support US Cellular customers. US Cellular hopes to begin providing fifth-generation connectivity to its subscribers as early as 2021.

Nokia will work throughout 2020 to ensure that the 5G US Cellular network meets the bandwidth and speed needs. At the moment, we do not know how successful this experience will be. Because Huawei has always been and remains the leader in the issue of communications, but desperate times require desperate measures. We can only wish the Finnish company good luck, and Huawei patience.

Huawei global 5G deployment

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Chinese manufacturing giant, Huawei, is one of the leading companies in the development of 5G globally. Unfortunately, it is not on the same page with some governments especially the American government. Nevertheless, the company is forging ahead and breaking new grounds. Recently, Huawei participated in the 2020 Better World Online Summit. The theme for this conference is “Working Together for a Better World”. At this conference, Huawei’s rotating chairman, Guo Ping says that there is a need for collaboration to create new opportunities.

Huawei is proud of its 5G commercial success, and fully releasing the 5G network dividend. As of July, there have been more than 90 million 5G users worldwide. Guo Ping pointed out: “The global 5G deployment has come to an end, and the next phase is focused on: developing industry applications and releasing 5G network dividends“.

Guo added that in the current context of the global economy, operators should also focus on the present and the future. So, He believes that operators should build networks with precision to maximize network value.

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