Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review Surfaces the Web!

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review
Image: GSMArena and Youtube

The first-gen Galaxy Fold smartphone made a furore in the smartphone market. Though there have been some issues related to the hinge of the screen and it was postponed a few times, then went on sale, it became a bestseller. Since the date, we knew the second-gen model will be way better. So everyone has been eagerly waiting for it. At the Unpacked event, Samsung announced new and incredible products; in face of the Note 20 series, Watch 3 smartwatch, Tab S7 line tablets, and of course, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. Here’s the key takes from the Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review:

While most of us are bored while waiting to get hands-on with the coveted Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, a Chinese reviewer has already published his review video long before we could test it out. The video was also posted on YouTube through the Inspiration Institute channel and it gives us our best look at the second-gen Galaxy Fold in just under 5 minutes of time. Here’s the Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review:

From the video, to be precise at the 1:54 mark, the smartphone scores an score of 588,850 in Antutu. The 60Hz 6.23-inch cover display with its 25:9 aspect ratio on the front is a major upgrade over the first-gen Fold’s 4.6-inch surface panel. It provides all the functionality of a regular non-folding phone so you don’t have to constantly resort to the central 7.6″ tablet.

The review then shows out Z Fold 2’s sound output skills wherein the te dual stereo speakers get plenty loud and surpass the first Fold; as well as some recent flagships from various brands. We can also notice the Samsung logo on the hinge which has been centred this time whereas the original Galaxy Fold had it on the top corner.

 Galaxy Z Fold 2 Performance, Battery and More

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review
Image: GSMArena and Youtube

We’re also getting more details on the three 12MP rear cameras including a breakdown of their exact sensors from GSMArena; According to which the main shooter is a Sony’s IMX 555 with OIS; while the other two sensors are Samsung’s S5K3L6 ultrawide and S5K3M5 telephoto sensors. We can see it allows for camera controls on the right one side, a viewfinder on the port side; and a live show on top at the 2:53 mark in the video. There is also a new “tent-mode” which is useful for pulling up navigation in cars; and keeps the main inside display turned off to protect battery life.

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Samsung has added a new vlog mode to the device this year which takes benefit of the rear shooters; for better picture quality and turns the visible display into a viewfinder. Additionally, The Flex Mode UI adds loads of versatility for the camera app.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review
Image GSMArena and Youtube

There’s also no way to hold the Z Fold 2 wrong; as the UI works in all four areas and even upside down. The reviewer mentioned the 4,500 mAh battery performed adequately through his testing period was not long sufficient for detailed observations.

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