Xbox Series S demo video: smallest Xbox, supports 2K 120fps games, 512GB SSD

Microsoft Series S

A few hours ago, Microsoft laid to rest all the speculations regarding the price of the Xbox Series S. The company announced on its official Twitter handle that this console will have a $299 price tag. Unfortunately, the company did not announce the configuration of the console. Nevertheless, a new video of the Xbox Series S is now trending online and reveals some features of this console. According to the Weibo video, this console will be the smallest in Xbox’s history. It claims that the Xbox Series S is 60% smaller than the Xbox Series X.

Furthermore, this device is an all-digital version that supports 1440p gaming up to 120 fps. In addition, it also supports ray tracing, variable refresh rate, and has ultra-low latency. Also, this console will come with an in-built 512GB SSD as well as support for 4K streaming.

With the official confirmation of the price of this device, we expect to get more official hardware information soon. However, before we lay our hands on those, here are the speculations regarding the Xbox Series S so far

Microsoft Xbox Series S speculations

In terms of performance, the Series S is expected to reach 4TF performance. Although this number is lower than the Xbox One X, thanks to the RDNA architecture, the actual game performance is above the X1X. However, the Xbox Series X will reach 12TF. The Series S will probably become the cheapest next-generation Xbox, an entry-level host. It will come with a greatly improved NVME SSD storage speed while keeping the price favorable. According to speculations, “Lockhart” uses Zen + Navi architecture.

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Furthermore, some reports believe that the 4GHz Ryzen APU may appear on the Series S. It uses 16GB of RAM, 12GB of which is allocated to the graphics card, and 4GB to the OS layer.

According to speculations, both the Series X and S will hit the market simultaneously. There are reports that these consoles will commence sales on November 10th. In addition to the original price, you can also participate in Xbox All Access for a monthly payment.

As usual, there are conflicting views regarding the price of the Xbox Series X. While some believe that it is a good deal, others say that it does not offer enough for its price. Its actual performance will also determine if it is worth the price.

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