Why Doesn’t VIVO WATCH Come With A Call Function?


It has become a popular trend for smartphone manufacturers to design smartwatches. At the end of last year, Xiaomi released smartwatches. This spring, OPPO released smartwatches. And now it is finally VIVO’s turn. The VIVO WATCH came much later than other manufacturers’ products. In the current era, smartwatches, as smart wearable devices that rely heavily on interaction with smartphones, will be an important growth point for manufacturers.


VIVO’s smartwatches are different from those of Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, and OPPO. These smartwatches use a square shape, while VIVO’s smartwatches use a disc-shaped dial.

The round dial, combined with the stainless steel body, gives a sense of toughness. There are two sizes of the dial, 42mm and 46mm. As you guess, the 42mm is for women or for those who have thin wrists. You can choose from silicone straps and leather straps. There are only four colors. At present, it is relatively monotonous, and there may be more color and material straps in the future. The screen uses an AMOLED material. So it can naturally support many dials, including dynamic dials.


As smartwatches, the VIVO WATCH should have functions, such as sports management, heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, electric point reminder, NFC, etc.

However, as a smartwatch with a price of 1299 ($191), and a smartwatch from a smartphone manufacturer, there is no call function. This makes people a little confused. This may be the biggest shortcoming of the VIVO WATCH! But there are also smartwatches of more than 1,300 yuan from smartwatch manufacturers that do not have a call function. This is Huami. But as a smartphone manufacturer, this is a bit unreasonable.

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Of course, listening to songs with a watch seems to be a trend this year. VIVO’s independent music playback seems to be pretty good. This watch has about 2GB of memory and can store about 400 songs. But through the watch’s app, the songs on the phone are transferred to the watch as well. Currently, it only supports the Android platform to transfer music.

The officially announced battery life of the 42mm variant is 9 days. And the battery life of the 46mm model is 18 days. It seems to be good. But what is incomprehensible is that the battery life of the two versions is half the difference. But it’s okay. It seems to be acceptable to charge it once a week and it takes less than 2 hours to fully charge.


In addition, this watch is waterproof to 50m. Many people here have a misunderstanding, thinking that you can take this smartwatch to dive or something. In fact, the 50m water resistance of the watch is a unique description. The waterproof level of the watch is divided into 30 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters, 300 meters, and 500 meters. The effect of 50m waterproof is not much different from that of 30m.

On the whole, the vivo WATCH is not bad except for its lack of call functions and a tough appearance.

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